Connecting Communities

“Connecting Communities” is a free/donation-based program geared towards BIPOC, culturally-based dancers and artists. Created in response to Covid-19, “Connecting Communities” encourages communities to network while providing funding opportunities to artists. The 3 “Connecting Communities” programs are:

Connecting Communities with Funders– a free grant outreach series that connects Bay Area BIPOC, culturally-based artists with grant organizations, provides tips and strategies and holds conversations around grant accessibility. The inaugural grant series had over 75 registrations, the majority being BIPOC, first-time grant applicants.

Connecting Communities with Artists– donation-based workshops with culturally-based dancers.

Connecting Communities with Improv– a free improvisation session inspired by traditions of the Son Jarocho Fandango and Tap dance jams; percussive artists share improvised rhythms or workshop ideas.