Ghostly Labor

Save the date! Ghostly labor world premiere at brava!

We are so excited to announce the world premiere of Ghostly Labor at Brava Theater on December 15-17, 2023. Click here for ticket info.

“Ghostly Labor” explores the history of labor in the US–Mexico borderlands through Tap Dance, Mexican Zapateado, Son Jarocho, Afro Caribbean movement, and live music. This work brings together polyrhythmic movement and an original score to look at the (ongoing) years of systemic exploitation of labor while highlighting the power and joy of collective resistance. The full-length dance theater production of Ghostly Labor will premiere at Brava Theater in December 2023.

Behind the Scenes of Ghostly Labor

Ghostly Labor: Behind the Scenes is a film by Harry Gregory (producer of Ghostly Labor: A Dance Film). Filmed during our January development residency, join EAD Vanessa Sanchez and company members of La Mezcla as they navigate the creation of a full length show during a global pandemic, their first national tour of Pachuquísmo, and the inception of the award-winning dance film that has been on the international film festival circuit for the last 2 years! Thank you to Ayudando Latinos A Soñar – ALAS for all the work they do for our local farmworkers and their continued support through development- check out the organization to see how you can help or volunteer with them!

Ghostly Labor: A Dance Film

“Ghostly Labor: A Dance Film” is a short dance film created during the pandemic to share the stories of Bay Area farm workers with the world. Click here to learn more about the film and to watch an upcoming screening!

Listen to co-directors Vanessa Sanchez & John Jota Leaños in a podcast with the Experimental Film festival director.

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