2021 Highlights!

Check out our Virtual Concert for kids presented by the Lincoln Center!

Behind the Scenes of our upcoming dance film “Ghostly Labor”

Behind the scenes at the Trolley Dances 2021 Photoshoot!

Check out our episode of “If Cities Could Dance!” And leave us a comment on the YouTube page!

Clips from Pachuquismo in San Francisco, 10/2019

La Cosecha- A sneak peak of our upcoming Virtual Concert for Kids for the Lincoln Center!

Check out La Mezcla’s Social Distancing performance video “Dancing Apart!” Leave a comment on the YouTube page!

Preview of La Mezcla’s KQED shoot! La Mision, 3/2020

Behind the scenes of our Technical Residency at World Theater, Seaside in January 2020

La Mezcla performs “Convivencia” @ Cuba Caribe, 4/2015