Virtual Concerts & Workshops

Vanessa Sanchez & La Mezcla are currently booking virtual events for Spring and Summer 2021! Hybrid and pre-recorded options available!

La Mezcla is happy to offer dance and music performances for audiences of all ages! Our concerts include Tap Dance, Son Jarocho zapateado and/or Afro-Brazilian dance and music along with a concert host, introductions that feature historical and cultural content, social justice viewpoints and rhythmic movement activities. Concerts can be geared towards specific age groups and/or education levels, or made accessible to all ages upon request. Concerts are 20-25 mins or 40-45 minutes long.

Virtual Concerts

Presenters may choose 2 of the following dance and music traditions to feature in your concert:

Tap Dance: This will feature an introductory history of Tap dance, 10-15 minutes of La Mezcla repertoire performances with intros and descriptions, and a short Tap lesson in which audience members will learn basic Tap steps and a short choreography.

Son Jarocho (from Veracruz, Mexico): This will feature a short introduction to the traditions and history of Son Jarocho music and dance, 2 pre-recorded performances of traditional music and Zapateado Jarocho (footwork from Veracruz, Mexico), and a short lesson in Zapateado Jarocho.

Afro-Brazilian Dance and Music: This will feature an introduction to the origins of the tradition, and the specific rhythmic focus of the performance, a pre-recorded performance with a Batería (live drum ensemble) and dancers, and a Samba Reggae dance lesson (for all levels).

We offer two performance options: live/pre-recorded hybrid or 100% pre-recorded.

The live/pre-recorded hybrid concert will feature a live and interactive host, live talks, and live movement activities alongside pre-recorded performances on a platform such as Zoom. This will be recorded and can be viewed by your audience members for 1-2 weeks following the live event. The 100% pre-recorded concert will feature all elements of the show, including the host, talks, movement activities and performances, pre-recorded and sent out in a video file or link that your audiences will have access to for 1 week to 1 month following its release.

Virtual Concert Rates: Please inquire at for rates.

Virtual Workshops

La Mezcla is happy to offer live and pre-recorded virtual dance and movement workshops for all ages and levels. Virtual workshops include a short, historical introduction to the dance form and a performance clip of La Mezcla repertoire. Workshops lengths are 15-25 minutes or 45 mins-1 hour.

Dance traditions to choose from: Tap Dance, Son Jarocho (Zapateado Jarocho), Afro-Brazilian

Virtual Workshop Rates: Please inquire at for rates.

To Inquire

Please contact Vanessa Sanchez by email: or visit the Contact page.